Gluster FS Tutorial - Part 2: Gluster and Big Data; Gluster for Devs and Sys Admins

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GlusterFS is a community produced, open source, distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes (actually, 72 brontobytes!) and handling thousands of clients. The afternoon session of the GlusterFS tutorial will focus on Gluster implementation as a big data solution, development platform and tool for systems administrators.

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Dustin Black, Senior Technical Account Manager, will provide a technical dive from the sys admin perspective, including enterprise storage strategy, data access methods, the elegant simplicity of scaling both out and up, the strength of redundancy and fault tolerance, and ways to boost performance. He will then present how to build new filesystems using GlusterFS, including how to extend the platform and writing translators. Dustin will also cover data encryption, user-specified layouts for DHT, Gluster’s smarter rebalance algorithm, performance analysis, tuning and more.

To wrap up, Anand Avati, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, will explore all the new features in Gluster FS 3.3 that are tailored specifically for big data workloads. Anand will explore several topics, including how v 3.3 allows Hadoop users to run map reduce operations against their unstructured data, as well as new features for simple map reduce jobs.

This tutorial is sponsored by Red Hat

Photo of Dustin Black

Dustin Black

Red Hat

Dustin is a Red Hat Certified Architect and a senior member of Red Hat’s Global Support Services group. He has more than a decade of experience in engineering complex systems to meet stringent business requirements. He fully believes that his biggest assets are the smart people he surrounds himself with, and he loves a good failure as an opportunity to learn. As a TAM, Dustin provides semi-dedicated support for open source technologies to some of Red Hat’s most demanding customers in the financial services and pharmaceutical industries. There’s little he loves more than a creative implemention challenge, and he geeks out on helping to turn community projects into world-class solutions.

Anand Avati

Red Hat

Anand Avati is the lead architect of the GlusterFS project and one of
its primary authors. He is currently employed by Red Hat (since the
acquisition of Gluster Inc) as a Senior Principal Software Engineer.
Anand received his BE in Computer Science from the Sri Jayachamarajendra
College of Engineering. Anand is a frequent contributor to free and open
source software projects, including FUSE, FreeIPMI and Freetalk.


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