Design and Debug HTML5 Apps for Devices with Rapid Interface Builder (RIB) and Web Simulator

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Learn how to build UI for and debug HTML5 apps for mobile devices using Rapid Interface Builder (RIB) and Web Simulator, two open-source tools recently released by Intel. This session dives deep into the feature sets of both Web app developer tools, with demos, and shows you how you can influence the future of these open-source projects.

Rapid Interface Builder, RIB, is a browser-based design tool for quickly prototyping and creating Web apps for mobile devices and desktops. RIB allows a developer to layout UI by dropping widgets onto a canvas and reviewing the UI in interactive preview mode. RIB generates HTML5 and JavaScript that can be imported into your IDE of choice to complete the app. RIB supports jQueryMobile and Tizen widgets and runs on Google Chrome and Chromium browsers.

Web Simulator is a lightweight open-source tool for debugging mobile web applications. Extending the Google Chrome developer tools, it enables running and debugging web APIs for mobile platforms on the developer’s desktop system. Web Simulator allows you to simulate accelerometer and other sensor data, incoming and outgoing calls, geolocation events and battery status and other mobile device events in your Web app with fine-grained control over events. It currently supports HTML5 and the Tizen Web APIs.

This session is sponsored by Intel

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Gail Frederick


Gail Rahn Frederick manages product planning for Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, the heart of Linux at Intel and part of Intel’s Software and Services Group. Prior to Intel, Gail was a developer and software architect for mobile startups in the Seattle tech community. As an evangelist for standards-based mobile Web development, she is the author of one book, Beginning Smartphone Web Development, and numerous presentations and articles on the topic. Gail blogs about mobility and HTML5 at Learn the Mobile Web. In her spare time, she is a busy mom of twin toddlers.


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