Office Hour with Steve Francia

Office Hours
Location: Expo Hall (Table A)

Topics Steve will cover:

  • When it makes sense to implement a hybrid (relational & nonrelational) DB solution
  • Strengths of NoSQL
  • Any MongoDB questions
Photo of Steve Francia

Steve Francia


Steve Francia leads the developer experience of MongoDB at 10gen. This includes drivers, web, technical writing, integration and evangelism. Steve brings to this role his experience as VP of engineering at OpenSky where he build the worlds first e-commerce site powered by MongoDB and one of the first PHP sites backed by MongoDB. Steve has been an engineer, entrepreneur and executive since 1995 when he was responsible for one of the first ecommerce sites while working for American Telecom.

Steve loves building things, teaching and speaking. He has been involved in open source for over 15 years and prefers to code in Vim. He is the author and contributing author of two O’Reilly books on databases (and development). He has spoken at dozens of conferences around the world and blogs at


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