An Interview with Gianugo Rabellino

Location: Portland Ballroom
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Microsoft’s journey into open source has been eventful, and even unexpected. Five years ago, few would have predicted the importance to the company of open source projects such Node.JS, Hadoop and even Linux.

Hot on the heels of Microsoft becoming a top-20 contributor to the Linux kernel, this year saw the launch of Microsoft Open Technologies, a new subsidiary that focuses on open source, interoperability and open standards.

OSCON program chair Edd Dumbill will interview Gianugo Rabellino, Microsoft’s senior director of open source communities.

Photo of Edd Wilder-James

Edd Wilder-James


Edd Wilder-James is a strategist at Google, where he is helping build a strong and vital open source community around TensorFlow. A technology analyst, writer, and entrepreneur based in California, Edd previously helped transform businesses with data as vice president of strategy for Silicon Valley Data Science. Formerly Edd Dumbill, Edd was the founding program chair for the O’Reilly Strata Data Conference and chaired the Open Source Software Conference for six years. He was also the founding editor of the peer-reviewed journal Big Data. A startup veteran, Edd was the founder and creator of the Expectnation conference management system and a cofounder of the Pharmalicensing online intellectual property exchange. An advocate and contributor to open source software, Edd has contributed to various projects such as Debian and GNOME and created the DOAP vocabulary for describing software projects. Edd has written four books, including Learning Rails (O’Reilly).

Photo of Gianugo Rabellino

Gianugo Rabellino


Gianugo Rabellino is the Senior Director for Open Source Communities at Microsoft. He is also a Vice President of the Apache XML Project Management Committee and Founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Sourcesense.

Gianugo has a deep understanding of open source technologies and platforms, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the group of passionate and committed individuals who share his same enthusiasm for interoperability and openness between Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms.

He blogs at

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Picture of Christopher Neugebauer
Christopher Neugebauer
07/27/2012 2:34pm PDT

A sponsor keynote disguised as an interview. More content like this would make me strongly question whether it were worthwhile attending OSCON keynotes in the future.

Picture of Alex Martelli
Alex Martelli
07/19/2012 2:58am PDT

A more structured overview of what all MS is doing with/to Open Source would have provided more easily digestible information than the somewhat rambling free-flow interview did.


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