Open Source: A Recipe For Success

Location: Portland Ballroom
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Through its ubiquitous presence in small business, Open Source has become a key, but unrecognized, driver of the U.S. economy. John will discuss the hidden impact of Open Source and what it means to contributors and project leaders. He’ll also provide important tips on making it easy to increase exposure of projects through code contributors and distribution platforms.

This keynote is sponsored by Bluehost

Photo of John Mone

John Mone

Endurance International Group

John Mone is the EVP of Technology and Program Management for the Endurance International Group, a leading provider of online solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Previously, John formed Tributary Consulting, where he helped organizations accelerate growth through technology. As the former Global Head of Operations for EBS, the world’s largest electronic brokerage for foreign exchange, John led a three-year technology transformation that included the re-architecture of core trading platforms using open systems. Earlier in his career, John founded and served as the CTO of a transaction simulation and analysis software firm. He attended the United States Military Academy, received a B.S. from Rutgers University and holds an M.B.A. in Strategic Management from Wharton.

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Picture of Alex Martelli
Alex Martelli
07/19/2012 2:52am PDT

Interesting data—presenting more such data would have made the talk even better (info on Boss and Blue Host could have been shrunk and mostly replaced with URLs and invitations to visit the booth, to make time for more interesting data presentation!).

Picture of Michael Downey
Michael Downey
07/19/2012 2:48am PDT

This talk didn’t seem related to the summary at all, nor did it relate to Endurance International Group. Rather, what it seemed to me to be was an extended sales pitch by Mone for Bluehost. (In fact, it seems that he was speaking directly on behalf of them using “we”, etc.)


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