OSCON Couch to Quantified 5K Run/Walk

Location: OCC Lloyd parking lot
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Don’t forget to pack your running shoes and your self-tracking tech, because we’re hosting the first ever Couch to Quantified 5K fun run at OSCON. Whether you are an avid runner or just starting out, you are invited to join other OSCON attendees Tuesday evening for a run/jog/walk through some of the most scenic and emblematic sites of Portland. And don’t for get to track your performance with your favorite self-tracking tools, because you’ll have a chance to put that data to work in the Couch to Quantified Hackathon. The run will start and end at the Oregon Convention Center and is open to all attendees who are at least 18 years of age. Register now to participate in the race (each runner/walker will get a free copy of Fitness for Geeks).

The After Party

After you finish the run, make your way to the Camp OSCON Attendee Party across the street from the OCC for food, drinks, and lots of good old fashioned fun.

Couch to Quantified Hackathon

If your plans have you in Portland on Saturday July 21, the Couch to Quantified Hackathon will follow up the 5K with an opportunity to use data generated during the race to explore ways to make persona health data more useful to people like athletes and patients.

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Picture of ben hengst
ben hengst
07/20/2012 3:18pm PDT

This was such a welcome surprise. I would love to see more scheduled activities that focus on getting out (read moving) and seeing the city while we do it. There is so much that portland has to offer, it’s kinda sad though that OCC’s location is not closer to items like lets say the rose garden (the one by the zoo, not the stadium).

Laura Llewellyn
07/20/2012 2:04am PDT

I’m not sure if this matters for the data processing, so I’ll pass it on just in case. My gun time (bib 104) is not showing 15 min greater than my chip time, but I definitely was in the second wave of runners. Not sure what happened.

Picture of Jaimey Walking Bear
Jaimey Walking Bear
07/19/2012 9:34am PDT

Hi all -

Race Northwest – the timing company used for the 5k – posted all of the results here:


Thanks for running / walking! Looking forward to it again next year!

Picture of Chris Sontag
Chris Sontag
07/19/2012 9:23am PDT

Does anyone know where the times are posted? I bet it’s obvious but I’m missing it. Thanks for puting the run together OSCON!

Dan Catalano
07/17/2012 3:18pm PDT

Rad!Loved the run… The Headbands, big thumbs up. Not nearly as cool as the book though. I’ll run for text books any day.

Sharon Belliveau
07/17/2012 2:57pm PDT

great event!

Laura Llewellyn
07/17/2012 11:08am PDT

Thanks for the question, I wondered the same thing. Will the storage be locked (or watched)?

Picture of Jaimey Walking Bear
Jaimey Walking Bear
07/17/2012 6:42am PDT

Daniel, you can stash your stuff at Camp OSCON in Exhibit Hall A, beginning at 6pm. Turn right when you go in the doors. Bag storag near the concessions stand.

Dan Catalano
07/17/2012 6:37am PDT

Is there a place to ditch our “stuff” while we run?


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