We Are Superman: Transformative Capacities of Open Source Learning

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Forget what you think you know about school and education policy: the unevenly distributed future is here. Open source learning is no longer hypothetical. Learners are using open source values, organizing principles and tools to construct experiences and networks that inspire, support achievement, and create previously unimagined opportunity for expansion.

This session presents a new thoretical paradigm, an analytic case study, and a call to action based on current learners’ success. Learn how 100 California high school students used open source tools & freeware to transform a traditional English course into a hackspace, a microfinance operation, a digital research collaborative, a venture incubator, and a growing, soon-to-be-global personal learning network.

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David Preston

Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

David Preston holds a Ph.D. in Education Policy from the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Science. He has taught at universities and graduate institutes and consulted on matters of learning and organizational development for 20 years. For the past seven years David has also taught English for students of all ability levels in grades 9-12 at America’s fourth largest high school (in Los Angeles) and at a comprehensive high school on California’s central coast. This year his students engaged online thought leaders and used open source principles & tools to create: a microfinance operation; a hackspace; a venture incubator; an online art dealership; a P2P digital consulting practice; a game lab; an international digital research partnership; and an alumni/friends community designed to evolve into a massively multiplayer open source learning environment that translates knowledge capital directly to the marketplace.

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David Preston
08/25/2012 8:48am PDT

Hey Bert, the general idea was to show how open source tools and principles accelerate/enrich learning, production and value-similar themes to Dennis Hillis’ and Tim O’Reilly’s keynotes. Two big intended takeaways: 1)If open source applies only to digital tools of learning, and not to curriculum/instruction/culture/economy of learning, we will remain stuck with standardized Skinner’s Box 2.0; 2)Open Source Learning practices- including the case I presented—are emerging that clearly address what ails learners in current climate. (And here I may be guilty, because I definitely think that’s something to celebrate.) If you have any specific questions about the model, the case, or how this can be applied to other contexts of individual/organizational development, please email me at dpreston.learning@gmail.com. Also, here is the prezi from the talk: prezi.com/jcjfliiestwt/we-a... Best, David

Picture of Bert Porter
Bert Porter
07/22/2012 8:54am PDT

I attended this, but came out confused about why this was at OSCON and what I was supposed to get out of it. It seemed to be an impressionistic thing meant for the speaker and his friends who already knew what he was doing, to celebrate, rather than a presentation to inform people who were not familiar with it.


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