Designing for DevOps: Building Ops at New Relic

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Location: E141
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Building an operations team that is designed to maximize happiness is a rare opportunity; usually the features of DevOps are added piece by piece into an organization, it can be a slow and ad hoc process. New Relic is fortunate to be building our operations team from the ground up with DevOps in mind.

This opportunity allows us to select and grow with intention and purpose. We’ll be sharing everything about our experience, from what we look for during hiring through the processes we put in place. We’ll discuss the tools we use, the culture we are building and the pitfalls we didn’t see coming.

Every team is unique, so we cannot give you a roadmap to success but we’re happy to share our mistakes and successes as we build an operations team that makes happiness a priority.

This session is sponsored by New Relic

Photo of Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly

New Relic

Chris is the Developer/Evangelist at New Relic, makers of application performance monitoring tools. Prior to New Relic, Chris lead an engineering and operations team in building an ecommerce platform for the publishing industry. He is an avid Rubyist and is the Open Source Evangelist at SD Ruby.


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