Service Orchestration with Ubuntu in the Cloud (Sponsored Tutorial)

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The intended audience are people who wither deploy software in the cloud or maintain/write a project that runs in the cloud. In this talk we’ll discuss how the complications of today’s software requires us to think at a higher level than just the machine instance. We need to think about the entire service as an entity, and manage it’s relationship with other services. So instead of worrying about individual instances the cloud requires us to think of “Wordpress” and “MySQL” as services that could encompass multiple instances and live in a dynamic environment that could include machines being added or removed based on load. How do we manage such complexity?

In Ubuntu we’ve been tackling this problem with a tool called juju, that lets us manage services that we run on the cloud with the same ease that apt-get brought to installing software.

Attendees are more than welcome to:

  • Ask questions about juju and charms, we especially welcome projects that deploy on the cloud and want to make that easy for their end users.
  • Discuss various solutions to scale problems with Ubuntu Cloud.

This tutorial is sponsored by Canonical

  • This sponsored tutorial is open to all OSCON attendees with a badge.
Photo of Jorge Castro

Jorge Castro

Canonical Ltd. / Ubuntu

Jorge O. Castro currently works on the Community Team as Cloud Community Liaison for Canonical Ltd, sponsors of the Ubuntu project. Jorge has been using Linux since 1998, and his current passion is juju, the new cloud deployment tool. He has spoken at the Ohio Linux Fest, SCaLE, and the Ontario Linux Fest as well as various LUGs over the years.

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Picture of Benjamin Kerensa
Benjamin Kerensa
06/25/2012 9:47am PDT

:) Charm School huh?


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