GlusterFS: Taming the Big Data Beast

Moderated by: John Mark Walker
Location: D138 Level: Intermediate
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GlusterFS is the engine that drives storage in the cloud, virtualized environments, or just large, scale-out NAS in general. If you have massive amounts of unstructured data, such as files and folders, GlusterFS is for you.

GlusterFS aims to solve the following problems:

1. a POSIX-compliant distributed file system that doesn’t require application porting or re-writes
2. Scaling out your storage capability linearly
3. Async replication + N-way synchronous replication
4. A true global namespace, across multiple deployments, regardless of location

In this BoF, we’ll discuss the newly released GlusterFS 3.3, which includes Universal File and Object storage, HDFS compatibility, proactive self-heal, finer-grain locking, and much more. We’ll also swap Gluster recipes and discuss future roadmaps.


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