How Developers Can Transform K12 Education with UX

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Education is the last sector of the economy to embrace technology. With so much digital content out there, why aren’t schools yet digital? It’s because most of the education software experiences available today are hard to use, hard to find and hard to integrate with tools teachers and students use everyday. It can be and should be different. You can help.

This presentation will review key elements of user experience for education and propose concrete strategies for helping the community to bootstrap improved user experience for all.

The first portion of this talk will walk through a set of personas and use cases that high light unique aspects and common misconceptions of the classroom. The second will walk through a series of applications that highlight best practices in content, community and application development. Finally, a series of proposal will be discussed that invite developers to participate in a transformation of the school.

Come, it will be fun and it’s for the kids.

Bob Regan

Pearson Foundation

Bob Regan is the Director of the Pearson Foundation Learning Lab. This small product innovation studio based in Mill Valley, CA develops software and learning experiences that combine the best for formal and informal learning for students, teachers and parents.

Bob began his career in the classroom as a teacher of math, French as well as a technology coordinator in Chicago and New York City schools and earned a Master’s in Elementary Education from Columbia University Teachers College. From the first days in the classroom, he expressed a deep passion for improving teaching and learning through the use of technology in schools. Bob went on to study education policy and technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before focusing on software development full time in 2000.


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