Life After Sharding: Monitoring and Managing a Complex Data Cloud

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Location: E143
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As application data grows rapidly, and data systems struggle to keep up, many have turned to sharding their data or using NoSQL solutions. These new complex systems or “data clouds” present a new array of challenges once deployed to production and in the cloud. Ops and Dev teams need to find a new way to safely operate a data cloud in production, 24 X 7, while meeting application SLAs. But while many have talked about how to shard, there has been little mention of how to manage a data cloud in production. Many proven tools and techniques are available for managing a single database and its platform, but there is virtually nothing off-the-shelf to manage a data cloud.

In this talk, we will discuss the keys to running a successful data cloud in production:

  • Measure performance across your data cloud and per shard deep dives
  • Unified alerting: global and per shard
  • Single point of access to data across the cloud (view or modify data/metadata in your cloud)
  • Synchronized management and maintenance tasks (backups, schema upgrades, configuration changes)

Furthermore, I will discuss how these solutions apply to those running NoSQL data systems, which is just another form of a data cloud.

This session is sponsored by AppDynamics

Photo of Boris Livshutz

Boris Livshutz


Boris leads the Server Data Team at AppDynamics, where he works with customers to monitor and manage mission critical applications in the cloud — many of which are deployed in public clouds with well over 5,000 Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).


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