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The O’Reilly Open Source Awards recognize individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of Open Source Software. Past recipients have included Brian Aker, Angela Byron, Karl Fogel, Pamela Jones, Bruce Momjian, Chris Messina, David Recordon, and Andrew Tridgell. The nomination process is open to the entire open source community and all entries are judged by the 2011 winners.

Congratulations to our 2012 winners:

  • Massimo Banzi – Massimo Banzi is the co-founder of the Arduino project and has worked for clients such as: Prada, Artemide, Persol, Whirlpool, V&A Museum and Adidas. He spent 4 years at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea as Associate Professor. Massimo has taught workshops and has been a guest speaker at institutions like: Architectural Association – London, Hochschule f r Gestaltung und Kunst Basel, Hochschule f r Gestaltung Schw bisch Gm nd, FH Potsdam, Domus Academy, Medialab Madrid, Escola Superior de Disseny Barcelona, ARS Electronica Linz, Mediamatic Amsterdam, Doors of Perception Amsterdam.

  • Jim Jagielski – Jim has been an open source developer since before it was even called that. He is likely best known as a developer, co-founder and President of the Apache Software Foundation. He also serves on the board of OSI and the Outercurve Foundation. He works at Red Hat under the office of the CTO.
  • Christie Koehler – Christie is an experienced software engineer and community organizer. She works for Mozilla as a Web Product Engineer and is very active in her local tech community. Christie is co-chair of the annual Open Source Bridge conference, a co-founder and secratary of the Stumptown Syndicate, a technology education non-profit, and runs both Code N Splode and Women Who Hack, user groups for women in technology.
  • Elizabeth Krumbach – Elizabeth works as a Linux Systems Administrator, is a member of the Ubuntu Community Council and a leader of the Ubuntu Women project and
    recently took over as Marketing and Website lead for the Xubuntu project. Former coordinator for the Philadelphia area Linux Users Group, she is now living in San Francisco and is one of the leaders of the Ubuntu California team and a Director at the Open Source in education focused non-profit Partimus.org.
  • Bradley Kuhn – Bradley M. Kuhn began his work in the software freedom movement as a volunteer in 1992, when he became an early adopter of the GNU/Linux operating system. Kuhn worked as FSF’s Executive Director from 2001-2005, where Kuhn led FSF’s GPL enforcement, launched its Associate Member program, and invented the Affero GPL. Kuhn was named president of the Software Freedom Conservancy in 2006, as Conservancy’s Executive Director in 2010, and is primarily known for over a decade of work on enforcement of copyleft licenses, and for building non-profit structures for Free Software development.

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Ben Thompson
10/08/2012 3:49pm PDT

This is a nice initiative. Awards to recognize open source contributors, will be a boost to programmers to provide more helpful software through opensource.

Picture of ben hengst
ben hengst
07/20/2012 4:04pm PDT

standing ovation thank you again to not only the winners but everyone that makes this community so amazing!


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