Camp OSCON Attendee Party (sponsored by Microsoft and O'Reilly Media)

Location: Exhibit Hall A
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We’re swapping last year’s clown shoes for Camp OSCON t-shirts at this year’s attendee party. You don’t have to worry about sewing in nametags and forget those long bus rides — just join us in Exhibit Hall A in the Convention Center. Camp OSCON will challenge you to earn your prize ribbons in archery, those hysterical sack races, and lots of other games and crafts. Fuel yourself on s’mores, hot dogs, burgers, and other camp menu classics. And instead of singing about 99 bottles of beer, you can have a real one in your hand (or any other refreshing beverage of choice). This is an O’Reilly party, so you know we have some surprises in the works. Consider Camp OSCON our thanks to you for joining us at OSCON this year. This is the camp you wish your parents had sent you to. You won’t want to miss this; trust us.

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Please make sure to bring your OSCON badge, as you will not be let in to the party without it. Registration on Tuesday, July 17 closes at 6:00pm so make sure to pick up your badge prior to attending the party.

Dunk Tank for Charity

It wouldn’t be a true summer camp if we didn’t do something to give back to the community. We’ll be raising funds for Free Geek, a Portland area non-profit that provides technology to those in need, by giving you a chance to dunk a member of the Open Source community in exchange for a cash donation to Free Geek. So far we have several members of our program committee who will take the plunge for this good cause:

  • Sarah Novotny
  • Fred Trotter
  • Jesse Vincent
  • Selena Deckelmann
  • Yarko Tymciurak
  • Danese Cooper
  • Steve Holden

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Picture of ben hengst
ben hengst
07/20/2012 3:13pm PDT

I love the social/fun events that promote conversation with out the need for beer. I would love to see the trend continue next year for at least one ‘kid’ friendly event for the young-one’s in all of us.

Picture of Steve Holden
Steve Holden
07/16/2012 11:01pm PDT

Hey, get Edd’s name up on that list immediately!

Picture of Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer
07/11/2012 4:07am PDT

(Although I suppose it’d fit the meter more closely to do it in hexadecimal. “63 bottles of beer on the wall…”)

Picture of Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer
07/11/2012 3:54am PDT

We can still sing; we’ll just make it 1100011 Bottles of Beer On The Wall. ;)

Picture of Jason Herman
Jason Herman
06/26/2012 8:51pm PDT

@Allison – Thank you very much! You have no idea how much this makes my Tuesday night (and the wife really appreciates not having to look from over the fence like Rudolph not being invited to play with the other Reindeer)

Picture of Allison Gillespie
Allison Gillespie
06/25/2012 9:50am PDT

@jason – Pick up a special Camp OSCON pass for your spouse onsite at the registration desk prior to 6:00pm on Tuesday, July 17. Otherwise your spouse will have to watch from the street (and will most likely not be happy about it!)

Picture of Allison Gillespie
Allison Gillespie
06/25/2012 9:13am PDT

@Gordon – yes, Expo Only attendees get into all evening events

Picture of Jason Herman
Jason Herman
06/25/2012 4:13am PDT

Can we buy any tickets for spouses? Or do they have to watch us have fun from the streets?

Gordon Margulieux
06/21/2012 11:04am PDT

Are Expo only attendees included?


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