How The App Store Killed Free Software, And Why We're OK With That

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When software was large and complicated and buggy and error prone and controlled by monopolies, there was a desire to seize control of one’s destiny by having access to the source code. When the average piece of software that one interacts with costs $0.99 and there are hundreds to thousands of choices for any particular type of app, all of the benefits formerly associated with free software are now available without actually needing the source code. In the end, software freedom comes from commoditization and customization, not the source code.

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r0ml Lefkowitz


Robert (a/k/a r0ml) Lefkowitz is a computer professional and amateur philosopher. He has worked in IT organizations to facilitate access to information, and create highly resilient applications. His interests include semasiology and medieval history. He also juggles clubs.

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Alex Martelli
07/19/2012 2:24am PDT

awesome as usual but the q&a smack in the middle of the presentation broke the flow quite a bit, keeping q&a for the end of the presentation might be advisable as an enhancement!


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