Consumer Science and Product Development at Netflix

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Netflix has created one of the most beloved and, at times, controversial consumer products of the last decade. Two veteran executives of the company, Rochelle King and Matt Marenghi, will give a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at how product decisions are made at the company.

At the core of product innovation at Netflix is consumer science; Netflix constantly tests and iterates on new ideas for every aspect of the streaming service. This experiment-oriented culture uses data from actual customer usage of the product to quickly understand which ideas are great.

Rochelle and Matt will describe the consumer science process in detail. They will demonstrate how it can apply to everything from a new UI concept to a new back-end algorithm. They will discuss how the company culture and the product development approach inter-relate, and share how this customer focus drives decision-making at every level of the company. They will also discuss some of the limitations of consumer science, and how to make decisions where science can’t easily shine a light.

Audience members should come away with a deep sense of how Netflix makes product decisions, how they fuse consumer science with software engineering and design, and how to apply consumer science to experimentation and product innovation in consumer product endeavors.

Photo of Rochelle King

Rochelle King


Rochelle King is VP of User Experience and Product Services at Netflix. Rochelle originally joined Netflix in 2009 as Creative Director. Currently, Rochelle manages the Design, Enhanced Content, Content Marketing and Localization teams at Netflix. Collectively, these groups are responsible for the UI, layout, meta-data (editorial and visual assets) and presentation of the Netflix service internationally across all platforms.

Photo of Matt Marenghi

Matt Marenghi


Matt Marenghi is VP of UI Engineering at Netflix. Matt joined Netflix in 2009 to focus on engineering and innovating the Netflix user experience for TV-based devices and gaming consoles. Currently, Matt manages the teams responsible for implementing the Netflix experience across the website and the hundreds of TV and mobile devices where Netflix is available. Prior to Netflix, Matt spent over a decade in various technical leadership positions at Comcast and Microsoft with a focus on interactive TV.

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Picture of Alexey Golubev
Alexey Golubev
07/31/2012 11:13pm PDT

This was one of the best and interesting sessions at OSCON. Looking forward for slides.


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