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Javascript & HTML5
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Accessibility in software refers to the ability of users to access and use your product, whether they be using a keyboard, mouse, smartphone, screen reader, braille display or any other form of technology. While an increasing amount of attention is being rightly given to the usability of products, many developers are not aware that their product may not be usable at all for some classes of user. Moreover, it can be quite straightforward to fix, and many of the fixes can benefit all users as well as those using assistive technology.

This talk will cover:

  • Why accessibility is important for your product, not just in the abstract
  • What accessibility means, and how users with disabilities interact with web applications
  • Why designing for accessibility benefits all your users
  • A look at the relevant techniques and technology for creating accessible web applications
  • The way web browsers implement accessibility support on different platforms
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Alice Boxhall


Alice Boxhall is a software engineer at Google, where she works on improving accessibility support in Google Chrome.

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Picture of Alice Boxhall
Alice Boxhall
07/23/2012 9:28am PDT

Hi Shouqing,

The presentation is an HTML page together with all of its related scripts, images etc. in a tarball (.tar.gz archive), so you’ll need to download the file, un-archive it, and then open “oscon_2012_widescreen.html” in Chrome.

Hope that helps.

Liang Shouqing
07/23/2012 8:53am PDT

I Try to use Chrome to open the slides, but looks not work, it start to download another file, please help

Picture of Alice Boxhall
Alice Boxhall
07/20/2012 3:12pm PDT

Hi Karen,

I’m really glad you enjoyed the talk!

I have uploaded the slides now; please note that the presentation works best in Chrome.

Karen Schoeb
07/19/2012 8:07am PDT

Thanks for all the great practical information. Having just gone through a complete redesign one of my goals is the go back and review what other Accessibility feature we could implement.

Your talk and examples gave me some very useful tips and how-tos.

The slides went by a little fast for me to get full notes and wonder if there is someplace where I could take another look.

Thanks again for pulling this together and giving us some really good info.


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