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Traditionally, the Web has either did not use encryption, or used it in limited, not very meaningful ways (such as having an HTTPS login page but sending authentication cookies in insecure HTTP requests).

For the past couple of years, EFF has been working to encourage sites to switch to HTTPS, and to make sure that when it is used it actually offers strong privacy and security guarantees. Our efforts have included persuading major websites to offer HTTPS versions of their services; writing the HTTPS Everywhere extension for open source browsers to switch to encryption in cases where it as available but not the default; the SSL Observatory project to investigate the certificates and Certificate Authorities that HTTPS depends on; and the Sovereign Keys project, which aims to provide additional protections against censorship and man-in-the-middle attacks against HTTPS websites and other uses of TLS/SSL.

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Peter Eckersley

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Peter Eckersley is Technology Projects Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He works on a wide range of issues, including copyright and DRM; privacy; censorship and freedom of speech; network neutrality, software patents, and other threats technical innovation.


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