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Are your development projects moving a little too slowly? Got too much overhead drag preventing you from being truly agile? Do you have a great idea that they won’t let you implement? What if you could catapult your idea into reality with blazing speed? This is nothing that can’t be solved with a little open source, a sprinkle of cloud, and a dash of creativity.

In this session, we will compare some common open source tools for creating rapid prototypes. I’ll focus primarily on web development frameworks, including Python, Django, Flask and PHP, and will explain how these tools, along with cloud-based hosting, have transformed media companies like PBS and National Geographic, with real world examples.

Throughout my career leading high profile digital media web applications, I have seen over and over again how a business’s fear of change can lead to selecting an expensive COTS solution because it feels like the “safer” choice. This mindset rarely ever leads to real innovation. Even when open source is already embraced within an organization, there might be hesitation to try something new since dollars are tight and can’t be wasted on risky ideas.

What if you can test that new idea for next to nothing? If you can drive the cost down to “pretty much free”, then what can be the harm in giving it a try?

So innovate! Try something new and fail with little risk. Or perhaps… your idea just might be “the next big thing”!

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Drew Engelson


Drew Engelson is the Chief Technologist in Celerity’s Web and Mobile Solutions Practice where he leverages his expertise in open source, could computing, and digital media to craft killer technology solutions for a variety of organizations, including National Geographic and The Washington Times.

Prior to joining Celerity, Drew served as the Chief Architect at PBS and was responsible for the internet architecture and applications that support the award-winning and web and mobile platforms, as well as the 1500+ series, episode, and web-only sites that reside under those domains. This meant re-envisioning how PBS web applications are designed, developed and hosted with public and private could computing in mind.


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