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Location: D135 Level: Intermediate
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Ever wondered how you might experiment with your own syntax changes to the Python programming language? Learn about the internals of Python as I dissect the steps required to introduce a new keyword to the language.

In this presentation I’ll walk through the Python source code explaining how the various parts form parts of a fairly common generalized compiler architecture, with a virtual machine thrown in for good measure.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how they too might go about contributing changes to Python.

Thomas Lee

New Relic

Tom is an Australian-born software developer currently residing in Portland, OR, USA.

His contributions to Python include the unified try/except/finally syntax in Python 2.5 and the compilation of ASTs from Python code introduced in Python 2.6.

Tom is a Senior Engineer at New Relic.

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Picture of Christopher Neugebauer
Christopher Neugebauer
07/27/2012 2:38pm PDT

Excellent, meaty technical demonstration. More of this, please!


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