Git For Ages 4 And Up

Tools and Techniques
Location: E147 Level: Novice
Tags: git
Average rating: ****.
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Git can be a confusing morass of rote commands, in part because the data model is more complex than a stack of pancakes, and because kernel developers are not known for being great interface designers. It’s necessary to understand how Git works to understand Git. This talk will teach you how to think like a Git using nothing more than children’s toys.

Basic knowledge of git commands is expected of the audience. If you’ve started using git, but are uncomfortable with it and don’t really get it, this is for you.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small Parts. Not For Children Under 4 Years.

Photo of Michael Schwern

Michael Schwern

eval Empire

Schwern has a copy of Perl 6, he lets Larry Wall borrow it and take notes.

Schwern once sneezed into a microphone and the text-to-speech conversion was a regex that turns crap into gold.

Damian Conway and Schwern once had an arm wrestling contest. The superposition still hasn’t collapsed.

Schwern was the keynote speaker at the first YAPC::Mars.

When Schwern runs a smoke test, the fire department is notified.

Dan Brown analyzed a JAPH Schwern wrote and discovered it contained the Bible.

Schwern writes Perl code that writes Makefiles that write shell scripts on VMS.

Schwern does not push to master, master pushes to Schwern.

SETI broadcast some of Schwern’s Perl code into space. 8 years later they got a reply thanking them for the improved hyper drive plans.

Schwern once accidentally typed “git pull —hard” and dragged Github’s server room 10 miles.

There are no free namespaces on CPAN, there are just modules Schwern has not written yet.

Schwern’s tears are said to cure cancer, unfortunately his Perl code gives it right back.


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