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So you know the PHP language back to front, you know all the frameworks, and you’ve churned out countless native PHP modules in C — but have you ever wondered how you might toy with the PHP language itself? Come along and learn a little more about the inside of your favourite programming language as I guide you through the process of adding a new keyword to the language.

In this presentation I’ll walk through a small part of the Zend language compiler used by PHP and explain how the various bits & pieces fit into a more generalized compiler architecture — all while introducing a new construct to the underlying language.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what really happens when your PHP scripts are executed, this is the presentation for you!

Thomas Lee

New Relic

Tom is an Australian-born software developer currently residing in Portland, OR, USA. He is an open-source enthusiast, a would-be compiler geek and, when the stars align, a speaker.

He has just finished a stint working on New Relic’s PHP agent to join the company’s New Initiatives team, where he is working on new & exciting products.


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