What's Up with HTML5 Video?

Javascript & HTML5
Location: Portland 251 Level: Intermediate
Tags: html5, video, mpeg, webm, hls
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No HTML5 feature has generated as much excitement and controversy as the new native video element. In this talk, we’ll cut through the hype and the skepticism and get to the real details. Which browsers support the video element? (Here’s a hint: all of ’em…) Which codecs and containers should I use — h.264 and MP4? Flash? Ogg Theora? WebM? And how is HTTP Live Streaming — an Apple specification that is now going through the IETF standardization process — dramatically changing the landscape of web video?

If you visit websites like YouTube or Netflix, you might already be using HTML5 to watch video. If you have a pile of DVDs waiting to be digitized and streamed in your house, you could be serving up your own DIY version of these websites. Come learn what’s going on under the covers with HTML5 video and see how easy it is for you to get started.

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Scott Davis


Scott Davis is the founder of ThirstyHead.com, a training and consulting company that that specializes in leading-edge technology solutions like HTML 5, mobile development, SmartTV development, NoSQL, Groovy, and Grails.

Scott has been writing about web development for over 10 years. His books include Getting Started with Grails, Groovy Recipes, GIS for Web Developers, The Google Maps API: Adding Where to Your Web Applications, and JBoss at Work. Scott is also the author of two popular article series at IBM developerWorks — Mastering Grails and Practically Groovy.

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Picture of John Koleszar
John Koleszar
07/14/2012 1:08am PDT

Looking forward to this talk. I work on the WebM Project and would love to talk to anyone about what’s going on with WebM today, as well as get input for the new codec we’ve started developing to succeed VP8.


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