WebRTC and the Future of Video Communications

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WebRTC is a new web standard for HD video calling and conferencing that will be supported in Chrome and Firefox this summer. It’s higher-quality than you probably expect and more important than you probably realize. We’ll start by giving an overview of the various parts of the WebRTC effort, including:

  • Javascript APIs defined by the W3C
  • A protocol stack defined by the IETF
  • An open-source implementation contributed by Google

Then we’ll explore how having a high-quality real-time video engine in every browser will disrupt and democratize the video communications landscape. Some of the highlights:

  • Video calling will finally be as easy as voice calling.
  • The big, closed communication networks will lose their stranglehold on the market.
  • There will be an explosion of novel video communications apps.
  • Online interactions wil become richer and more engaging than ever.
Photo of Ben Strong

Ben Strong


Ben is hacker whose idea of a good time is building apps on top of stacks that aren’t fully baked yet. He built a mobile web browser in 2000, a real-time sync service in 2005 and some of the core technology in the ill-fated WebOS.

His newfound love is WebRTC, an emerging web standard that will bring HD video conferencing capabilities to Chrome, Firefox, and Opera later this year.

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Picture of Chris Strom
Chris Strom
07/22/2012 4:49am PDT

Nice overview of a complex and broad topic. I entered with only a vague idea of what WebRTC was and came away educated. Thanks!


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