What's the Matter With Sitting On Your Butt All Day?

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Regardless of what religion (e.g. programming language, IDE, or operating system) you adhere to, there’s one thing most OSCON attendees will agree on: we’re all sitting down most of the time. And sitting in chairs every day for long periods, it turns out, isn’t good for you. Various studies over the past decade, in an area of study sometimes referred to as “inactivity physiology," are nearly universal in lambasting the office chair as the harbinger of a number of ills. But what’s the alternative? In this session, we look at some popular alternatives to the traditional office chair including standing at a desk, treadmill desks, saddle seats, stools, kneeling chairs, the Swooper, and balance ball chairs.

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Jason Levitt

Ars Technica

Interests include digital publishing, web services, APIs, developer frameworks, anything simple and powerful, and anything simple and elegant.

A Journalist, book author, web developer, and entrepreneur, Levitt is a seasoned generalist. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.


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