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I’ve spent a decent amount of time not only verifying our choice of message queue and looking for possible replacements, but also recommending choices for other projects. Some require durability, others straight up throughput, some both with special circumstances that remove some queues from the running.

I will show graphs and possibly other visualizations of throughput, with varying setups and options to help the audience determine which is best for them. I’ll outline the various pitfalls to look out for, and where some projects really shine.

By the end of the talk I hope that everyone will leave with a good understanding of what is out there, and I hope to get some interaction with what others might be using and their experience, as time permits.

Brian Clapper

Circonus, Inc.

Senior technologist with over 10 years experience in web development and technical team leadership, focusing on high performance code. Brian’s background includes half a decade in online advertising culminating in leading 2 successful startups.

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Brian Clapper
07/19/2012 11:46am PDT

Slides and code are now posted:

Brian Clapper
07/19/2012 10:28am PDT

Yes I’ll have the slides posted and the clients I used for the numbers.

John Eikenberry
07/19/2012 9:32am PDT

I wasn’t able to get in due to the talk being at capacity. You planning a blog post or making the slides available?

Brian Clapper
07/16/2012 3:59am PDT

I had not heard of MQTT and looking at it briefly it won’t really fit in with the rest of the MQs in terms of use cases I think. As of right now the list is RabbitMQ, Kafka, Kestrel, Redis and a brief bit about fqd (new project in its infancy).

Picture of Andy Piper
Andy Piper
07/16/2012 3:51am PDT

Interested to know which messaging options are included – specifically whether MQTT is in the mix. Mind you, like 0MQ, it’s not so much a message queueing technology as some of the others, more a managed data distribution mechanism.


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