Scaling Your Community by Nurturing Leaders

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In this session, we’ll talk about strategies for nurturing, empowering and rewarding community leaders to help scale your open source community. Most of the examples will come from 10gen’s experience working with the community around the open source database MongoDB.

At 10gen, we’ve put a lot of effort into scaling our community by empowering the key community members and leaders. As adoption of MongoDB has accelerated, it has been crucial for 10gen to continue to to nurture these leaders and enable them to be ambassadors for MongoDB within their local communities.

To continue these efforts, we kicked off the “MongoDB Masters” program to bring together the most active contributors. The goal of the program is to foster the exchange of knowledge between and among 10gen and community leaders. Through the program, we build relationships between members to share best practices for growing the community. The Masters have been crucial for gaining feedback on the project and encouraging cross-pollination between those in different sub-communities (i.e. geographic, language, etc.).

In addition, we focus on growing local communities through our network of MongoDB User Groups. We support the MUG organizers and have created a forum for them to share ideas and strategies with one another.

Through these activities, we connect subsets of the larger community to support adoption and innovation.

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Meghan Gill


Meghan Gill leads the community marketing efforts at 10gen. 10gen began the open source MongoDB project, and provides commercial support, training, and consulting for Mongo. MongoDB is a high performance, non-relational, document-oriented database. At 10gen, Meghan organizes developer events to educate and grow the MongoDB community, including conferences, user groups, contests, training, webcasts, and more.

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Picture of Jeffrey Osier-Mixon
Jeffrey Osier-Mixon
07/23/2012 9:23am PDT

Extremely enlightening glimpse into the MongoDB community


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