The Past, Present and Future of NoSQL

Location: Portland 252 Level: Novice
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It seems like everywhere we look there’s talk about next-gen databases. Under the rallying cry of “NoSQL,” several close-kept secret databases have gone open-source recently, giving everyone many exciting and confusing new opportunities. Some perform like crazy, some scale out to football field size, some just keep going no matter what, and none of them look like the SQL database we all grew up with.

In this session, Andreas Kollegger will take you on a whirlwind tour of the current NoSQL landscape. He’ll give a crash course overview of the four main categories of NoSQL databases, and discuss what’s currently lacking to make the enterprise adopt NoSQL, and how to solve it.

Photo of Andreas Kollegger

Andreas Kollegger

Neo Technology

Andreas Kollegger is a leading speaker and writer on graph databases and Neo4j and the bridge between community and developer efforts. He works actively in the community, speaking around the world and promoting the larger Neo4j ecosystem of projects. Author of Fair Trade Software, Andreas plays a valuable role for progressive happenings within Neo4j.

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Shantanu Bhattacharyya
08/02/2012 10:01pm PDT

I really enjoyed the talk as well. Do you have the slides available somewhere for download?

Picture of Randy Rinehart
Randy Rinehart
07/21/2012 5:53pm PDT

Really great presentation and also liked the humor towards the end of the final day.

Chris West
07/20/2012 8:09am PDT

Great presentation. It was a great overview of the topic with some good humor.


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