Build Social and Personal Data Apps using the Open Source Singly Platform

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First half:
Accessing and Exploring Social and Personal Data -
discover the worlds of data revolving around people using the open
source Singly API ( and and open apps like backpack
(, focusing on OAuth2, JSON
APIs, common social and health data types and patterns, and various
language SDKs. By the end you should have enough knowledge to quickly
set up a working development environment with your own data to build

Second half:
Hack Time! – work on building something while getting 1:1
personal hands-on help on any setup or questions during the process.
By the end you should have one or more working apps built on social
and personal data from services including Facebook, Twitter, Google,
Github, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr, Linkedin, Fitbit, Wordpress,
Runkeeper, Dropbox, and more.

A little bit about Singly
Singly exists to empower people, one by
one, to create, discover, share, and grow. We have done this by
creating an open data platform that enables developers to create apps
using social and personal data. All of this is powered by the Open
Source and hosted Singly API.

Photo of Jeremie Miller

Jeremie Miller


Passionate about open communication platforms and distributed protocols, Jeremie loves building systems that put people at the center of the web and data at the edge of the network. He founded Jabber/XMPP, and has most recently been immersed in JSON and TeleHash. He’s a proud big city commuter from Iowa.

Photo of Thomas Muldowney

Thomas Muldowney


As the first contributor to the Jabber project, Temas is a longtime open source advocate. When he’s not coding he spends his time as the chief cat herder for the Locker Project’s open source community. If you see him away from his keyboard, either the (entire) internet is down, or he’s trying to figure out who all the kids running around his house are.

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Picture of Harold Carr
Harold Carr
07/17/2012 9:43am PDT

Definitely a LOT easier to build an app than last year. Nice progress!

Picture of Harold Carr
Harold Carr
07/17/2012 6:47am PDT

it would have been easier to understand the architecture if the intro slides had diagrams


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