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Are you building a big app, and wondering why NodeJS backends scale so well for applications?
At Cloud9 we have built our entire backend in Node.JS, and it has taught us a lot of lessons.
It is supporting 80.000 developers and counting (should be double by the time of velocity), and our codebase is growing fast.

In this presentation i want to go through what we learned at Cloud9 IDE by building large software systems on Node.JS and where the performance benefits are from improved runtime to improved development time. I also want to give attention to common pitfalls and tracing bugs.

The session will contain code-examples and ways-to-code systems in Node.JS, as well as backend architecture overviews and some real numbers. Marketing will be avoided.

Node.JS is growing very fast and has an aura of performance. Few people however have real-world experience with a big live site running entirely on Node.JS, and i think it can be very useful to many people.

Photo of Rik Arends

Rik Arends

Cloud9 IDE Inc

Rik Arends is co-founder and CTO of Cloud9 IDE, Inc (previously Early to recognise the shift between compiled and dynamic languages, he worked on language transcompilers, in-browser graphics, optimized API designs, NoSQL database architecture and high performance webservice driven applications. As an early believer of the browser as the winning application runtime, Rik focussed his career on making the web a better place for developers. Rik now oversees the technical vision and development of Cloud9 IDE.

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Zhanna Presnyakova
08/01/2012 8:15am PDT

Thank you for your presentation! Could you share slides?


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