Effecting Organizational Change

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A discussion about changing organizational culture that argues that the mind has two independent decision-making functions that work simultaneously: the emotional mind and the rational mind. The emotional mind is like an elephant; it’s illogical and determined, emphasizes getting stuff done, and has mental “muscle memory”. The rational mind is like a jockey; it’s logical and reasoned, emphasizes organization but often can’t “get off the saddle”, and does long-term / strategic planning. You need to convince both, so you should try to shrink the change, shape a clear path forward, and repeat what works. Cultural changes in a big bureaucracy happens from both the top (the “clouds”) and the bottom (the “grass roots”); resistance often comes from the middle. The solution for change, then, is to “seed clouds” and “grow the grass”.

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Kane McLean

Open Source for America

Kane McLean is part of the Strategy & Communications Group at BRTRC Technology Research Corporation and currently works supporting the Under Secretary of the Army at the United States Army Office of Business Transformation.

An Open Source advocate, evangelist and strategist, Kane works to find the right solutions to clients’ challenges—more often than not Open Source solutions provide the best-fit and prove to be the most flexible long-term solutions. In addition to creating the strong solution strategies, Kane is works to tout the business case for Open Source adoption.

Prior to joining BRTRC, Kane led a company that helped corporations and organizations develop their online presence, enhance their strategic communication and improve their collaboration capabilities by adopting open source web-based technologies. Kane is a former entrepreneur having founded two companies, the last of which he sold in 2008 before becoming a defense contractor.

Kane serves on the Steering Committee of Open Source For America, a public sector Open Source community as well as Mil-OSS, a Defense-focused Open Source community.


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