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Before the web, software developers implemented what we now refer to as desktop applications, using powerful graphics APIs that gave them the ability to program pretty much anything they could imagine. Then along came browsers with virtually no standard graphics support at all. Enter boring web applications, and dull work for developers.

But now, with HTML5 Canvas, developers have a powerful graphics API that lets them develop mind-blowing applications. Now you can implement desktop-like applications that run in a browser. In this session, you’ll see how.

This talk is a demo-fueled, fast-paced introduction to HTML5 Canvas. You will get an overview of the Canvas API and see how you can use it to draw, manipulate images, implement custom components sprite-based animation, and video games. You will get a feel for what you can do with this powerful API, and you?ll get a basic understanding of how to harness that power.

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David Geary

Clarity Training, Inc.

David Geary is the author of Core HTML5 Canvas, the definitive guide to HTML5 Canvas, to be published by Prentice-Hall in April, 2012. David is also the co-founder of the wildly successful HTML5 Denver Users Group.

A prominent author, speaker, and consultant, David has written eight Java books, four of which are best-sellers in their respective categories, including one of the best-selling technical book series of all time: Graphic Java. David has also written numerous articles for several online publications such as JavaWorld and IBM Developerworks. David’s three-article series on Developerworks covering JSF alone has had nearly 1/2 million views — and 275 five-star reviews.

David is also a prolific, passionate, and entertaining public speaker. He has spoken at literally hundreds of conferecences worldwide, including JavaOne, StrangeLoop, The Server-side Symposium, Devoxx, and JAOO. David was a regular speaker for six years on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour, averaging five 90-minute sessions at 20 conferences per year. David is a three-time JavaOne Rock Star.

After leaving Sun Microsystems in 1997 to start his own company, David helped define server-side Java technology by serving on the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library, JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 Expert Groups at Sun. David is the co-author of the best-selling Core JavaServer Faces, and was one of a handful of experts selected by Sun to write questions for Sun’s Web Developer Certification Exam.

David was the second Struts committer, and he invented the Struts Template library which was the precursor to Tiles, a popular framework for composing web pages from JSP fragments.

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Picture of Simon MacDonald
Simon MacDonald
07/22/2012 11:50am PDT

Hey David, are you going to post up your slides? I’d love to get a second look at them.


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