Mindware Upgrades For Fun And Profit

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Humans display an immense capacity to act against their own best judgement. Whether it’s putting off healthy lifestyle choices, writing our tests and documentation “tomorrow”, or having just one more unit of something we know we shouldn’t.

This isn’t a matter of willpower. It’s a matter of fundamental mind architecture. We have the intelligence to understand when we’re acting in a way we’ll later regret, but our buggy mindware that causes us to do it anyway.

We’re going to fix that. We’re going to patch our mindware, graft on cognitive prosthetics, and take some counter-intuitive steps to actually get us towards what we’d like to be doing along the way.

Photo of Paul Fenwick

Paul Fenwick

Perl Training Australia

Paul Fenwick is the managing director of Perl Training Australia, and has been teaching computer science for over a decade. He is an internationally acclaimed presenter at conferences and user-groups worldwide, where he is well-known for his humour and off-beat topics.

In his spare time, Paul’s interests include security, mycology, cycling, coffee, scuba diving, and lexically scoped user pragmata.

*Photograph by Joshua Button.


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