High Performance Network Programming on the JVM

Java & JVM
Location: E146 Level: Intermediate
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With support for asynchronous mechanisms such as epoll on Linux, the JVM is a compelling platform for networking applications, striking a good balance between ease of programming and performance. This talk will cover detailed approaches for achieving high throughput and low latency when performing network I/O on the JVM. Treatment will be given to different frameworks for JVM languages including Java (Netty), Scala (Akka) and Clojure (Aleph), synchronous vs. asynchronous I/O and when to use which, as well as other techniques for optimizing throughput and lowering latency.

Specific topics will be drawn from practical application building large scale, high throughput messaging to mobile devices.

Erik Onnen

Urban Airship

Erik is the Director of Architecture and Delivery at Urban Airship, the leading provider of hosted services for mobile application developers. At Urban Airship he leads the delivery of the company’s platform offerings designed to scale to 100s of millions of devices while providing unmatched throughput.

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Erik Onnen
07/24/2012 3:20pm PDT

For those that asked, I posted the slides here:



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