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Addons site is a highly trafficked site that serves out data to all Firefox users. The site was on PHP and ported to Python. This talk covers how it was ported from PHP to Python and the challenges that we faced.

On the way we’ve built a lot of libraries and modules for security, performance and other tools. I’ll highlight those so you can re-use in your own Django projects. After all, the entired sites code is open source.

Andy McKay


Andy is a Senior Web Developer at Mozilla. As a Canadian he tweets and blogs about curling, skiing, politics, maple syrup, bears and all things from the great white north.

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Andy McKay
07/23/2012 8:05am PDT

Is another library by someone else and isn’t relevant. I would need more info about anything else, please file an issue on the github issue tracker:

Christian Jensen
07/23/2012 6:13am PDT

I tried using the django-statsd but there seems to be a few versions and potentially mismatches in documentation.

All of them had issues in their initial configuration and none of docs seemed in sync with the code – the docs even specified deprecated classes to use.

Any help here would be great.


Kumar McMillan
07/17/2012 4:23am PDT

The code for is at

German Larrain
06/26/2012 3:09am PDT

Hi Andy. When I read that the Addons site is open source, I tried to find it, but it was incredibly difficult since search results are all cluttered with actual addons, their code and their sites. With specific searches on, I got to, but no luck there. At the end I reached 2 SCM hosts: (362 public repos) and (24 public repos).

I’d love to see where can I get that source code, and many more may be interested as well.



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