MySQL Cluster and NoSQL

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Attendee prerequisites for this tutorial are listed below.

MySQL Cluster, the marriage of the popular MySQL database to the highly reliable and scalable NDB distributed data store, has evolved significantly over the past several years. This
tutorial will be valuable both as an introduction to MySQL Cluster for newcomers and as an update for those who have not looked at MySQL Cluster in 3 years or more. We will cover MySQL Cluster 7.2 from the ground up, configuring and installing clusters using students’ laptops as various nodes. We will configure replication across clusters and discuss clustering and replication options with regard to the CAP theorem. We will look at how the introduction of adaptive query push-down in MySQL Cluster 7.2 radically changes the landscape of SQL query performance. And we will create simple applications using the Cluster/J API for Java and Memcached APIs from a variety of other languages.


  • Students should also have a programmer’s editor such as Emacs, Eclipse, or XCode.
  • Participants interested in Java development should also ensure that they have both a Java runtime and a JDK installed, such as the Sun Java 6 JDK or OpenJDK. Note that GNU gcj is not supported.
  • Those interested in Memcache development should have Perl 5 and the Cache::Memcached client library, which can be installed from CPAN using the command “cpan install Cache::Memcached”. The Memcache code examples will be simple enough that students who are already familiar with another language and Memcache client library may also be able to translate them on the fly.

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Photo of John Duncan

John Duncan

Oracle Corp.

J.D. Duncan is a developer on the MySQL Cluster team at Oracle Corp. He has been using MySQL since the late 1990’s and joined MySQL AB in 2004. He lives near San Francisco.

Photo of Craig Russell

Craig Russell


Craig Russell is a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems. He is specification lead for Java Data Objects (JSR 12 and 243) and leads the implementation team for its API and Technology Compatibility Kit. He was the architect of the Container Managed Persistence component of the J2EE Reference Implementation and Sun Java System Application Server. He is currently architect and implementation lead for MySQL Cluster Java / API and MySQL Cluster Java / JPA.

Craig is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, the chair of the Apache OpenJPA Project Management Committee, and a member of the Apache Incubator project responsible for bringing projects into Apache.

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Picture of John Duncan
John Duncan
07/03/2012 3:49pm PDT

No, any version should be OK—whatever you can make work.

Scott Markwell
07/03/2012 4:35am PDT

Is there a particular version of the perl memcached library needed? Newer builds are failing on Win32/Win64 from ActiveState.


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