Perl: The First Three Days

Location: E143-144 Level: Novice
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Perl is the workhorse of scripting languages, the universal tool of the system administrator and developer, the glue that sticks enterprise systems together, and the foundation of many of those large systems themselves. The Perl jobs market is booming, the CPAN contains a record number of distributions, and Perl familiarity has become as important a requirement for most IT jobs as knowing how to use an editor or which meetings have free doughnuts. It’s assumed in many places.

For people totally new to Perl, it takes about three days of classes to get comfortable with it to become “self-propelling.” The astute reader will have noticed that this is a three-hour tutorial. Some material will be covered faster than usual (okay, all of it). The aim is not to try to make everything stick as well as it would in three days but to give you the leverage to go out and work the examples on your own.

We’ll cover Perl’s basic data types, regular expressions, subroutines, and I/O, with a quick tour of more advanced features (references and object-oriented constructs).

This course is taught by Peter Scott, trainer and author of the O’Reilly School of Technology’s Perl series, the video trainings “Perl Fundamentals” and “Beyond Perl Fundamentals,” and the books “Perl Medic” and “Perl Debugged.”

Photo of Peter Scott

Peter Scott

Pacific Systems Design Technologies

Author of “Perl Medic” (2004), “Perl Debugged” (2001), “Perl Fundamentals” (DVD, 2007), and O’Reilly School of Technology’s on-line Perl courses. Perl trainer and consultant. Speaker at OSCON, YAPC, and the Perl Whirl cruise. Now launching an additional career as a business coach for technology professionals.


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