Designing Hypermedia APIs

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Ruby on Rails did a lot to bring REST to developers, but its conception leaves the REST devotee feeling a bit empty. “Where’s the hypermedia?” she says. “REST isn’t RPC,” he may cry. “WTF??!?!” you may think. “I have it right there! resources :posts ! What more is there? RPC? Huh?”

In this talk, Steve will explain how to design your APIs so that they truly embrace the web and HTTP. Just as there’s an impedance mismatch between our databases, our ORMs, and our models, there’s an equal mismatch between our applications, our APIs, and our clients. Pros and cons of this approach will be discussed, as well as why more people aren’t building things this way yet.

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Steve Klabnik


Steve is a Ruby Hero, software craftsman, and an aspiring digital humanities scholar. He spends most of his time contributing to Open Source projects, and maintains both Hackety Hack and Shoes. He also teaches and helps develop curriculum for Jumpstart Lab.

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Steve Klabnik
07/18/2012 10:35am PDT


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