Unlocking Proprietary Data with PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers

Location: Portland 252 Level: Intermediate
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PostgreSQL 9.1 introduced ‘Foreign Data Wrappers’ (FDW) – a partial implementation of the SQL/MED standard for handling access to remote data sources. FDW allows PostgreSQL to expose remote data as foreign tables which then behave similarly to native PostgreSQL tables, in particular, allowing remote data to be queried with SQL statements.

This session provides an overview of Foreign Data Wrappers, looks at the native interface for writing FDWs in C, and contrasts this with Multicorn, an open source framework that allows FDWs to be developed in Python. We will show a real-world Python FDW that retrieves business data from salesforce.com, with a sample client application that demonstrates how foreign data can be combined with data held in native PostgreSQL tables using a simple SQL JOIN.

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Pat Patterson


Pat Patterson is a principal developer evangelist for salesforce.com. Pat has been working on Internet security and identity management since 1997, joining Sun Microsystems in 2000 as an engineering manager in the Trustbase secure Web services team. After serving a four-year sentence in product management, he returned to engineering early in 2005, focusing first on federation and identity-enabled Web services, then on the OpenSSO project and its open source community. Pat moved to Huawei Technologies in 2009 to work on cloud storage infrastructure before joining the developer evangelism team at salesforce.com in late 2010. Describing himself as an ‘articulate techie’, Pat hacks all manner of code from Ruby web apps down to Linux kernel drivers, writing it all up on the Force.com blog, his own blog Superpatterns, and, of course, Twitter.


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