Computing with Clojure

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Attendee prerequisites for this tutorial are listed below.

Clojure is a general-purpose language with direct support for
Java, a modern Lisp dialect, and support in both the language and data
structures for functional programming. Learn Clojure and you’ll become
a better all-around programmer. You’ll also be able to write
applications that have the beauty and elegance of a good scripting
language, the power and reach of the JVM, and a modern,
concurrency-safe functional style.

This tutorial is a hands-on introduction to Clojure with an emphasis
on empowering participants to leave with the knowledge, tooling, and
community resources they will need to continue learning and
programming Clojure on their own.

Clojure is a rich language, and our treatment in this 3-hour session
will not be complete. However, we will cover many of Clojure’s core
ideas and features, including: homoiconicity, immutability, higher
order functions, persistent data structures, lazy sequences and the
sequence abstraction, Java interoperation, Lisp macros, and more.

Every topic we introduce will be accompanied by a set of exercises we
will work on as a group, each of which will highlight an important
aspect of Clojure’s capabilities.

All attendees should have a Java JRE (6 or 7) installed on their laptop AND Clooj 0.3.4 downloaded. This can be found at

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Photo of Alan Dipert

Alan Dipert

Relevance, Inc.

Alan Dipert is an active contributor to Clojure, and helps organize the annual Clojure-Conj. As a part of the Clojure/core team, he works with and consults on Clojure for clients large and small.

Photo of Clinton N. Dreisbach

Clinton N. Dreisbach

Relevance, Inc.

Clinton R. Nixon is a developer at Relevance, the home of Clojure/core. He has been computing for 25 years and loves Perl, Clojure, public speaking, and learning new things.

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Picture of Bert Porter
Bert Porter
07/22/2012 8:09am PDT

Thanks for a fun and informative tutorial. Well done.

Picture of Caleb Madrigal
Caleb Madrigal
07/17/2012 5:20am PDT


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