You Ain't SPDY

Javascript & HTML5
Location: Portland 251 Level: Intermediate
Presentation: You Ain_t SPDY Presentation [BIN]
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I start this talk off with a brief introduction to SPDY, then move onto a few case studies. I compare and contrast Amazon vs. a mystery site over vanilla HTTP, describing the many, many HTTP optimizations that Amazon has to do in order to achieve amazing results while the mystery site fails to load anything other than a blank page in 5 seconds.

Next I ask wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to have a team of HTTP experts to compete with Amazon?

With preliminaries out of the way, I move into specifics about SPDY itself. To reinforce concepts, I begin to introduce coding SPDY sites on node.js, with an emphasis on how easy it is to convert existing sites to SPDY. At the end of the talk, I touch on a few advanced, “killer” features like SPDY server push.

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Chris Strom

EEE Computes

Author of the self-published Dart for Hipsters and The SPDY Book. Co-author of Recipes with Backbone. Reformed Perl hacker. Willing Rubyist. Organizer for B’more on Rails. Big into chains.


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