GNU MediaGoblin for a beautiful media hosting future on the web

Tools and Techniques
Location: D135 Level: Novice

GNU MediaGoblin is a decentralized and forward-looking free software media hosting system. Built in python with the intention of extensibility, it includes the ability to do general gallery-style hosting of all sorts of media (including images, html5 video, or even ascii art) and the ability to plug in your own media types.

The talk will consist of several parts:

  • General overview of the project and rationale
  • A demonstration
  • High-level overview of the underlying technology
  • Lessons learned from the community
Photo of Christopher Webber

Christopher Webber


Christopher Allan Webber is senior software engineer at Creative Commons, a free software activist, and a software hacker. He leads development on GNU MediaGoblin, and in his spare time he likes to work on digital artwork with free software tools like Blender, the GIMP, and MyPaint.


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