Modern Software Development Anti-patterns

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The Diabolical Developer and Ben Evans (the voice of reason!) return with a full length presentation of modern software development anti-patterns. This session provides a wealth of tips and tricks to free you from the chains of so call ‘modern software development best practices’.

We’re not delivering software any more successfully than our forebears! So what’s really going on? Well things like Agile and Software craftsmanship certainly take you down some dangerous paths, and don’t even get us started on Java 7! You’ll learn about topics such as how to unleash the awesome power of:

  • Mortgage Driven Development
  • Turtles All The Way Down
  • Conference Driven Delivery
  • Unleash the awesome power of the FactoryFactoryManagerBuilder
Photo of Martijn Verburg

Martijn Verburg


Martijn Verburg is a Java/JEE and open source consultant who is passionate about software craftsmanship and the creative power of technical communities. He currently is the co-leader for the London JUG, runs two open source projects (PCGen and Ikasan EIP) and is a bartender at the Javaranch.

Most recently he’s been speaking at conferences (FOSDEM, DevNexus, TSSJS) and co-writing (With Ben Evans) “The Well-Grounded Java Developer” by Manning publications, which covers Java 7 and polyglot programming on the JVM.

Photo of Ben Evans

Ben Evans


Ben Evans is a senior technologist with well over 10 years professional experience developing and running world-class projects in a number of sectors including finance, gaming, media and third-sector.

His main technical interests are in building high-performance, highly scalable architectures and applying cutting-edge tech to provide competitive advantage. He has worked towards these aims over a wide range of technologies during his career.

His other driving passion is the creation and development of technical communities – from mentoring and developing junior developers, to running focused, agile development teams, through to organizing national events. He helps to organize two very active developer communities – the London Java Community (well over 2000 developers, one of the largest Java user groups in the world) and the Graduate Developer Community – which is focused on bridging the gaps between University and Industry, and improving the quality of graduates entering the profession.

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Picture of Martijn Verburg
Martijn Verburg
07/21/2012 9:16am PDT

The talk can be found at thanks for the constructive feedback folks! We agree it leaned a little too much on the fun side this time round.


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