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OpenStack Day
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Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS includes Canonical’s Metal as a Service (MaaS) provider, bringing the dynamism of cloud computing to the world of physical provisioning. MaaS makes it trivial to deploy services such as OpenStack, Hadoop, & Cloud Foundry on your servers. It will quickly commission & deploy servers, re-allocate nodes between services dynamically, and keep them up to date & in due course.

MaaS is a new way of thinking about physical infrastructure. Compute, storage and network are commodities in the virtual world, and for large-scale deployments the same is true of the metal. Our “Metal as a service” lets you treat farms of servers as a malleable resource for allocation to specific problems, and re-allocation on a dynamic basis. Each physical server (“node”) will be commissioned automatically on first boot. Once commissioned, a node can be deployed on demand by name. or when coupled with Juju, allocated to a queue for dynamic allocation to services deployed on this MaaS.

In this session, we will present our Metal as a Service solution, its capabilities and use cases for bare metal provisioning and service deployment. We’ll also discuss best practices for deploying and managing scale-out services on bare metal, like OpenStack and Hadoop.

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Robbie Williamson


Robbie Williamson is Director of Engineering for Ubuntu Server at Canonical, leading multiple teams focused on making Ubuntu Server the best OS for cloud computing. Prior to Canonical, Robbie held several positions across engineering, project management, and management within IBM’s Linux Technology Center, leading efforts that included the Linux Test Project and Linux distro validation across IBM hardware brands.


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