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At a high level i want to share the lessons surrounding opensource that Mark and I have unearthed over the last 6 months with bootstrap.

I want to tell the story of how a small CSS toolkit gained more Github watchers than JQuery, Node.js and Ruby on Rails.

I want to talk about what it’s like having a project of this caliber as a “side” project which is developed outside of work. The difficulties/struggle with releasing code at large companies and ways of streamlining that effort.

I want to talk about the process around maintaining and developing an open source project like this. What tools work. Which don’t. Who can help. Who to avoid.

I’d like to cover both the rewards of an amazing community and the frustrating inevitabilities to prepare/watch out for.

Lastly, I want to talk about the future of Bootstrap based on these learnings. New things we’re trying. New leaps/risks we’re preparing to make.

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Jacob Thornton


I work at twitter on the platform team and I’m the co-author of some pretty nifty open source, Ender, Bootstrap, and Hogan.js with my good friends @ded, @mdo, and @sayrer (respectively).

I’m not a computer scientist. Also, I’m not obese. But I will respond to fat. I am hungover. And I’m probably eating pizza.


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