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Location: Portland 252 Level: Intermediate
Presentation: Get Better at Git Presentation [PDF]
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Attendee prerequisites for this tutorial are listed below.

Matthew McCullough, trainer for, and Tim Berglund, co-presenter of the O’Reilly Git Master Class videos and Mastering Advanced Git videos, will guide you through the fundamentals and a few intermediate elements of Git in three hours of lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises. Since Git can be quite different than a centralized version control system, Tim and Matthew will map familiar terminology onto Git’s more collaborative version control vocabulary and put each new term into practice with demos and comparisons.

Git is a technology that is best learned through actual use, and at nearly every step of this class you will be typing commands and evaluating what Git is doing both on the surface and at a deep mechanical level. With the mechanics and day-to-day commands introduced, we will proceed to some intermediate Git strategies extracted from our O’Reilly video training classes, including rerere, stash, patch mode resets and rebasing.

In preparation for the Git workshop, please install a command line interface 1.7.x version of Git. Preferably it should be 1.7.10 or higher.

Git Installations:

QUESTIONS for the speaker?: Use the “Leave a Comment or Question” section at the bottom to address them.

Photo of Matthew McCullough

Matthew McCullough


Matthew McCullough is an energetic 13 year veteran of enterprise software development, open source education, and co-founder of Ambient Ideas, LLC, a Denver consultancy. Matthew currently is a member of the JCP, reviewer for technology publishers including O’Reilly, speaker on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour, author of the DZone Maven RefCard, and President of the Denver Open Source Users Group.

His experience includes successful JEE, SOA, and Web Service implementations for real estate, finance and telecommunications firms in addition to publishing several open source libraries. Matthew jumps at opportunities to mentor and educate teams on how to leverage open source. His current topics of R&D are Cloud Computing, Maven, iPhone, Distributed Version Control (Git), and Debugging Tools.

Matthew resides in Denver with his beautiful wife and two young daughters, who are active in nearly every outdoor activity Colorado offers.

Photo of Tim Berglund

Tim Berglund


Tim is a full-stack generalist and passionate teacher who loves coding, presenting, and working with people. He is founder and principal software developer at the August Technology Group, a technology consulting firm focused on the JVM. He is a speaker internationally and on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour in the United States, and is co-president of the Denver Open Source User Group. He has recently been exploring non-relational data stores, continuous deployment, and how software architecture should resemble an ant colony. He lives in Littleton with the wife of his youth and their three children.

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Picture of Matthew McCullough
Matthew McCullough
07/20/2012 4:50pm PDT

@ben hengst: We hope to do a super advanced Git workshop next year. Let the conference know you’d like to have it on the program!

We really value your kind comments about it being the best you’ve been to. We strived to be around for questions and to deliver a lot of value in the 3 hours. Thanks for being there for us!

Picture of ben hengst
ben hengst
07/20/2012 2:31pm PDT

I think that this was the best ‘getting your team up to speed on git’ talk I’ve ever been to. I was hoping that we would get to some more advanced topics as I already knew the basics but as every time I watch some one use git I find there’s yet another cool trick I could use. Thanks again Matthew for taking the time to answer questions.

Picture of Matthew McCullough
Matthew McCullough
07/19/2012 5:35pm PDT

@Kirsten Petersen: Wow. Thanks. As a huge proponent of OSS, hearing you say it inspired you to contribute to some projects is the best thing I’ll hear all week. Keep it up!

Picture of Kirsten Petersen
Kirsten Petersen
07/19/2012 5:22pm PDT

Really demonstrated the strengths of Git, and even inspired me to contribute to some projects. Thanks for the great session.

Picture of Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson
07/18/2012 9:10am PDT

Excellent and engaging session. I learned some things I didn’t know, but I was hoping for some more advanced topics and less into material.

Picture of Matthew McCullough
Matthew McCullough
07/17/2012 5:23am PDT

Stan, Jonathan, Kevin:

Thanks for the kind words. It was our privilege to be able to share some Git knowledge with you.

-Matthew and Tim for GitHub

Stan Hope
07/17/2012 4:35am PDT

Was amazing. Thank you.

Jonathan Bolt
07/16/2012 7:51am PDT

These guys really know their stuff and make Git even more fun than it looks from the outside. Well taught and thorough. Answered any questions raised and presented the material in a great organic way.

Kevin Richard
07/16/2012 4:43am PDT

This event does excactly what the title says, it will improve your skills with Git. Even if your completely new or are a moderate user of the system it provides good walkthrough tutorials to give you more depth.

You may find the session not as helpful if you are a Git power user however, but reviewing the basics never really hurts.

Picture of Fernando Carolo
Fernando Carolo
07/10/2012 4:24am PDT

Hi Elyse,

If you want to install 1.7.10 on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) but, like myself, would like to use official packages instead of building it yourself, I posted a simple script to download the .deb files for from the upcoming 12.10 release. You can find it at

Picture of Matthew McCullough
Matthew McCullough
06/29/2012 12:40am PDT

Hi Elyse. will be fine (there are a few small things in the new release), but two options for installing the latest are and

Git via Git If you already have Git installed, you can get the latest development version via Git itself:

git clone

and install from the source (make && make install)

Elyse Grasso
06/28/2012 5:18pm PDT

The prerequisites say to load git 1.7.10 or higher The 1.7.11 download button on the downloads page connects to a page that says an Ubuntu system should use apt-get install git-core which installs on my system. Is there a way to actually acquire the required version of the tool?


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