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Deployment can be a real bugbear for many web developers. From building something easy to deploy and manage; to coming up with a repeatable, consistent process; to continuous deployment…deployment can keep you up at night for months on end.

In this talk I’ll cover the following topics:

  • How to build a deployable application, from technology choice to instrumentation
  • Deployment velocity: Why your process matters more than how often you deploy
  • Deployment tools and processes: How to automate your troubles away
  • CI/Automated testing: Know you’re deploying something good, or at least how worried you should be about it
  • Automated testing vs monitoring: How they converge
  • When are you ready to deploy continuously? How do you make the jump?
Photo of Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson

Mozilla Corporation

Laura Thomson is an Engineering Manager at Mozilla, after spending much of the previous decade as a consultant and trainer on various Open Source technologies.

Laura is the co-author of “PHP and MySQL Web Development” and “MySQL Tutorial”. She is a veteran speaker at Open Source conferences world wide.

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Picture of Laura Thomson
Laura Thomson
07/25/2012 3:33pm PDT

The slides are now online.

Liang Shouqing
07/24/2012 8:33am PDT

can you share the slides?


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