Cooking Perl with Chef

Location: D136 Level: Intermediate
Tags: perl, chef, devops
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Reliable and scalable applications need repeatable, automatable application deployment. Configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet and others make it easy to deploy an entire application stack, but support for Perl applications has lagged behind other popular, dynamic languages.

Face it: Perl application deployment is complex. Can you redeploy your application if your server fails? Can you replicate the application on another server to scale horizontally? Can you do it quickly and error-free? Will it have the exact same version of Perl and all necessary CPAN modules? Are you sure?

The Perl community has responded to these challenges with tools like perlbrew, local::lib, carton and others to make it easier to manage an application and its dependencies in isolation. This talk will teach you how to make those tools work with Chef for complete automation of Perl application deployment.

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David Golden


David Golden is Founder and CEO of Bunchmail, a startup developing an email gatekeeper to help overwhelmed multi-taskers spend less time on email. David is a member of the core development team for Perl 5 and helps maintain several parts of the CPAN toolchain.


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