Media and Video in the HTML5 Age

Javascript & HTML5
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We are now entering the 3rd stage of HTML5 adoption. Originally HTML5 was an open experiment lead by Opera, Mozilla and a small community of open video and standards advocates. Steve jobs changed all that with the HTML5 only iPad causing massive influx of resources and investment in HTML5, but it was still considered a fall back to the flash experience. Today, with the continued growth of HTML5 only battery operated devices, the rapid decline of mobile flash and industry wide adoption across all all the major platform providers; HTML5 video is quickly entering its 3rd phase of adoption; where by media will “lead” with HTML5 and fallback to flash.

This transition means many companies have to switch development strategies and the challenges of consistent cross device experiences are front and center. Open source HTML5 video libraries play a critical role in supporting this transition. We will cover how these libraries work, do comparisons of these players, and outline which player library is good for which use context. We will look at how these libraries, tackle the issues of consistent cross platform experiences and associated platform limitations and trade offs. We will outline tools that enable media producers to be in charge of these platform trade off decisions.

We will take a look at the future of HTML5 video; by looking at projects such as popcorn.js that highlight the increasingly immersive experiences possible with HTML5 platform. Also we will look how the video tag can be connected to the GPU via canvas and other users over WebRTC and WebSockets.

Andrew Davis

Kaltura, Inc.

open media hacker

Photo of Michael Dale

Michael Dale


Michael is the lead front end architect for Kaltura Open Source Video Platform. In 2006 Michael Dale co-founded an open video community archive of US house and senate floor proceedings. Later he worked on video for Wikipedia. With Kaltura he has worked on HTML5 video for Wikipedia the Internet Archive and dozens of major web properties that make use of Kaltura’s platform. His work includes work on scalable video delivery across numerous browsers and devices, subtitling, advertising, analytics and video editing in HTML5.


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