Perl 5: Today, Tomorrow, and Christmas

Location: D136 Level: Novice
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Year after year, Perl continues its steady march towards greater and greater Perlishness. Ancient mistakes are slowly sloughed off and long dreamed-of features are added. If Perl is evolving, toward what? Is it just a random collection of mutations, as desperate Perl hackers struggle to remain fit enough to survive, or is there an intelligent design behind the way Perl is changing?

In this session, Ricardo Signes (rjbs), the Perl 5 project lead, will discuss the future of the Perl language, the guiding principles of its ongoing design, and the specific changes toward which the Perl 5 Porters are working. It will also describe the way Perl 5 development really happens, how that is changing, and what we might want it to become.

Photo of Ricardo Signes

Ricardo Signes

Ricardo Signes was thrust into the job market with only a rudimentary humanities education, and was forced to learn to fend for himself. He is now a full-time Perl programmer, project lead (pumpking) for Perl 5, and frequent contributor to the CPAN.

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Paul Fenwick
07/20/2012 2:36pm PDT

@rjbs’ talk was made of awesome!


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